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Critical Essay #2 (Stanton Macdonald-Wright) “Spring Synchromy”


Stanton Macdonald-Wright’s “Spring Synchromy” is a well-known art piece. This piece is a part of an exhibit called “The Artist’s Eye: Georgia O’Keeffe and the Alfred Stieglitz Collection.” The exhibit is located at, and founded by Crystal Bridges from November 9, 2013, through February 3, 2014. This piece is within a pink room that showcases many artists who were influenced by both O’Keeffe and Stieglitz. But for this art piece to be placed in the front of the pink room, and the size of it is what caught my attention and captured my heart.

In relation to the fact of how attractive the art piece is because of its stature, it is the colors are what truly kept me in tuned. I am a big component for using hue to its full extent, and in doing so in the purest of manners.  Seeing these colors in “Spring Synchromy” with such bright and radiant glows is magnificent to me. It is what makes the art piece its best in my own personal opinion. Also, the shapes used to place the colors accordingly within the painting is undeniable factor. I find this piece to be accurate in the execution of both color and hue, and shape.

“Spring Synchromy” is an in-motion piece that shows the figure of a woman who is sitting down, standing up, and sitting back down again. This piece by Macdonald-Wright shows the movements made in time, and how quickly it may pass by. But even though it may pass by ever so quickly-the moments made in time can be captured and stilled into one image, and that is exactly what the artist has done here. He has created a moment by combining a series of different moments. He has exposed the movements not seen in just one incident. He made it so the viewers can see many different moments and movement in just one incident. He, more or less, made the impossible a little more possible.

Over all, This piece by Stanton Macdonald-Wright titled “Spring Synchromy” is a masterpiece created through his interpretation of movement and color. Also, he uses shapes to execute the figures shown within the piece. This piece is a great example of exactly what kind of art I aspire to create. Seeing simple yet complex art pieces such as this one gives me inspiration to do the same. It gives me the inspiration to create something that shows simple structures visually but also to create complex and intuitive meanings to show the piece in its true factor.


Macdonald-Wright, Stanton. “Spring Synchromy.”Http:// The Artist’s Eye, Crystal Bridges, n.d. Web. 13 Dec. 2013.



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